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About The Teachtopia Network

Teachtopia.com and its affiliate sites including LAwithKids.com and ChildrensBookRadio.com strive to maintain consistently updated websites that celebrate learning.  Our goal is to make our sites free, non-subscription based, and made up of ideas that our readers and listeners will immediately put to use.

We are a growing network of  educational sites and have expanded to include such sites as:

BayAreawithKids.com-  A San Francisco Bay Area Parent Guide and Directory

SDwthKds.com- A San Diego Parent Guide and Directory

JapanMath.com  -Japanese math methods and instruction.  Learn the best math practices of Japan

NewEnglandwithKids.com- A guide to New England for parents.

Since its inception in 2004, the Teachtopia.com family of sites have been portals used daily by educators, parents, students, and the internet community at large.

We welcome feedback via email to