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                             “Around The Web In 80 Minutes”

                          An Internet Scavenger Hunt by Teachtopia.com

Using Google (set preferences to strict filtering), see if you could search your way to the answers to these questions.  In order to complete this task you will be searching around the world and will discover many of the gems of the internet.


Directions:  For Each Question Please include an answer plus the URL (web address) where you found the information.  

An Easy Example Question:

 At what theme park will you find Shamu?

 Answer:  At Sea World  http://shamu.com

1.  Name the individual who created a backyard monorail.

2.  Name an English language newspaper that is from  Korea.

3.  What year did the Soviet Union first send a human to space?

4.  Where was Walt Disney born?

5.  In what year did the Macintosh computer first come out?

6.  Who is the oldest person currently living?

7.  Name three game systems (not handhelds) that were released by Nintendo prior to the

     Game Cube.

8.  Who is the current leader of Australia?  What is his title?

9.   Who was the first person to climb Mt. Everest?   In what year?


10.  Where could a student find a free dictionary?  An Encyclopedia?

11.  What countries border Costa Rica?


12.  In what year did they build the Panama Canal?  Who was the U.S. President at the  


13.  How many books does Amazon.com claim to have?

14.   What are the names of the public library systems in Boston? New York?

        Los Angeles?      


15.  What years did the U.S. Civil War take place?

16.  What was the name of Donald Trump’s Dad?

17.  Who wrote the novel Frankenstein?

18.  Name the locations of  three garden railroads in the State of California.