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Astronomy Resources for Students, Parents and Teachers

Teachtopia recognizes that Astronomy is not only one of the oldest  Sciences, but also quite fun for the young astronomer.  We hope you enjoy the many resources we put together to assist you in your explorations.   Whether this is an introduction to Astronomy or if you are an experience Stargazer, may you have clear skies tonight wherever you live!

Super Astronomy Sites

An Atlas of the Universe

Kids Astronomy

NASA This site is the main page for all things related to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA TV 24 hour streaming Astronomy content (often from Space).

Earth and Sky  

Free Software For Your Computer

Stellarium  a freeprogram that is called a planetarium  for computers

                 (For MAC OSX and Windows)

Celestia   a free program that puts you  in the presepective of being

               in space (For MAC OSX and Windows)  

The Simple Observing Log TSOL  - a way to track what you see each night in the sky (MAC/WIN)

Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope

Astronomy Lessons for the Classroom Teacher

Toilet Paper Astronomy Lesson from UC Berkeley

Harvard’s Hands On Astronomy Resources

Cut Out Astronomy Models

European Space Agency Cut-out models

NASA Space Shuttle