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Teachtopia’s Podcasts

LAwithkids.com is the #1 Podcast and Directory about “What to do and Where to Go with Your Children in Los Angeles”.

Childrensbookradio.com is the #1 Directory and Guide about Children’s Books.  We feature excellent interviews of authors of many book genres.

Why Podcasts?

There is a lot of information available via the Teachtopia Education network.  Most of it is available on our websites.  We have found however, that a number of our users live active lifestyles and we decided to create content for those users on the move.   Our podcast allow you to listen to  our content  while you are the go by simply downloading our mp3 files onto CD, your iPod, or virtually any media playing device.  

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weisslerjody@yahoo.com - Teaching Tips by Teachtopia - Teaching Tips by Teachtopia