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Teachtopia's End of Year Tests Strategies

There is no shortcut to academic success.  Generally, the most hardworking, high achieving students, do the best on the end-of-year standardized tests.   Another correlation to success is making sure that the test taker is a strong independent reader during each Academic Year and Summer.

Some Additional Strategies for End of the Year Test  Success:

  1. Good Nights Sleep (year-round)
  2. Balanced Diet and Exercise (year-round)
  3. Consistent At-Home Reading Program that involves students and their parents sharing the reading process with  one another.  Even High School Student could discuss the literature they are reading with their parents.
  4. Grade Level or Above Math Content Proficiency. Private tutoring as needed.
  5. Awareness of the type of questions asked on standardized test. For practice at home prior to the "real thing". Teachtopia recommends test prep books.  (see below)
  6. Making use of entire test periods during the actual test periods (always)

Test Prep Books

After researching the world of test prep books, we have found the selection of Test Prep materials put out by Spectrum to be very thorough in their approach to both Language Arts and Math.