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Teachtopia's List of FREE Lesson Plan Sites Sites

Simply the Best Collection of Free (No Membership Required) Lesson Sites

On the internet, more and more sites are charging for lesson plans, or making you “join” their sites.  Fortunately,  Teachtopia.com continuously scans the internet to find these truly free sites.

Please Note: All Sites Are Continuously Evaluated, With The Highest Rating Being 5 Apples.

The Awesome Library is a Three Apple site with an excellent directory of Special Education resources

Discovery School is a Five Apple Site with easy to access lesson plans for K-12. Best for Science Materials

Edsitement is a Four Apple Site with a focus on History/Social Sciences

Eduref is a Five Apple Site with all academic fields covered. Also, very easily navigated.

The Lesson Plans Page is another Five Apple Site which also has great resources for holidays and special calendar events.

American Memory Lesson Plans is a Four Apple Site which is beginning to utilize the many resources available throughout the American Memory Project.

Readwritethink is a Four Apple site with a focus on Language Arts

School Clipart not quite lesson plans, but it is very useful incorporating the clip art in them. Teachtopia.com gives it Five Apples.

SCORE A Five Apple Site dealing with History and Social Sciences

Teachers.net A Five Apple Site with multiple disciplines featured

If any of these sites begins to charge for use, please email us at: support@teachtopia.com