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National Geographic Bee-  The National Geo Bee Unofficial Study Guide

Preparing for the National Geographic Bee should be both a fun and educational challenge.   Each year thousands of students get involved in their school’s local geography clubs in preparation for the National Geo Bee.  We wish you the very best of luck in your Geographic studies, and have created this list of resources and information to help you.

We recommend year-round study for the Geo-Bee.  And remember if you are not the school-wide champ one year, with enough preparation and hard work you might become our nation’s champ the next.

As you begin your studies, we recommend the purchase of a general study guide for the National Geographic Bee.  This, along with the several other resources listed below will help you be successful in the National Geographic Geo Bee.

We have marked FREE! next to those entries that are free for geographers on a budget.

National Geographic GEO BEE Checklist for Success:

1. Be knowledgeable of political boundaries:


    A. Buy a current atlas         


    B.  Review and become familiar with the vast information at The World Factbook by the CIA FREE!


    C. Practice Filling in Blank World Maps. FREE!

        There are several great sources for free maps:


        Blank maps from the Wikipedia

2. World History

    (for those entrants still in grades 4 and 5. This will be a unique challenge because much of the material will be new.)



3. American History

4. Current World and National News: FREE!

   (these sites should be visited daily)

    CNN World New

    New York Times

5.  Watch Past Videos of the National Geo Bee:  FREE!

Additional Videos to Prepare for the National Geo Bee

6.  Software and Games

Recommended software:

Board games that are recommended include :


7.  Do the Daily Quiz from the National Geographic Society Geo Bee page.  FREE!

Geo Bee Daily Quiz

8.  Create Your Own Questions: FREE!

It is highly recommended that Geo Club Students work with other students and prepare challenging questions for one another to both answer and research.  

9.  Do the assigned work of you Geo Bee Teacher/Coach.  FREE!

Your Geography Club teacher will likely give you weekly work in order to keep Geography on your mind.  This work alone is never enough to prepare you for the final challenge, but rather should be seen as a small supplement to your independent rigorous study.

National Geographic Concise History of the World: An Illustrated Time Line (Timeline)
National Geographic Almanac of American History

2007 Geo Bee Final

2009 Geo Bee Final