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Online Primary Sources for Teachers

It is important for teachers to incorporate primary sources into their social studies, science, math and arts instruction.  With the help of the list below, you could have the world’s special collections via digital imaging.

United States

Gilder Lehrman Collection

Library of Congress

National Archives

Yale University


The Canadian Letters and Images Project


Perseus Project


Mexico: From Empire to Revolution

South America

Oberlin College: Sources and General Resources on Latin America


Africa: South of the Sahara from Stanford Univeristy

Middle East

The British Library Resources for Middle Eastern Studies


National Library of China

Specific Subjects:   

African-American History

Columbia University Library African American Studies Sources

Vanderbilt Central Library Resources for African American and Diaspora Studies

Native American History

Nebraska Partnership for American History Education Primary Documents

American Memory: Native American History

Women's History

Middle Tennessee State University, American Women's History: A Research Guide Digital Collections of Primary Sources

Asian-American History

Michigan State University Library: Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans Research Guide