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Primary Story Starters from Pictures

Our Primary Story Starters from Pictures are very popular in the K-3 Classroom setting.

K-1 Teachers/Parents use the Story Starters as a starting point for students to write

Descriptive sentences about what they see.  

2nd Semester 1st-3rd Grade Teachers Parents use the Story Starters as the launch pad for a story that

Describe not only what they see in the picture but also includes at Title, Problem, Characters, and how the problem is resolved.

Cowboy Rabbit

Rabbit in Space

Cowboy and Reindeer


Roller coaster


Boat Meets Islands

Summer Park with Bunnies

Boy Fishing with Cat

Tractor Carrying Farm Animals

Thanksgiving #1

Thanksgiving #2

Halloween #1

Halloween #2

Wolf Playing Basketball

Castle in the Cloud

Igloo with some sun