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Teaching Tips for Major Holidays  

Holidays provide a great way for teachers to incorporate both Social Studies, Art, and Family involvement in the classroom.

(Click Here for our revised Holiday Calendar for Teacher, Parents, Students)


For Martin Luther King Day on fun activity to do is to have student make Portraits of Dr. King.


For Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), teachers could determine the year’s zodiac sign, do paper folding with traditional red paper, and teach some basic Chinese proverbs.  

For Valentines Day students could use conversation hearts for poetry. Students could also come up with largest list of couples that they could think of.


For Easter students could decorate eggs as famous Americans.  This activity could still allow students to do egg coloring at this time of year, but also allow them to explore academic content relating to their choice.


For Chanukah a class could make their own dreidels using a Hershey Kiss, Licorice and Marshmellow.

Christmas is an excellent time for students to make Gingerbread Houses.

Students bring in the graham crackers, candy, and frosting along with an aluminum foil lined baking pan.