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LEGOS are an incredible educational resource from PreK-to University Level.  There are many reasons why we are advocates for LEGOS at the Teachtopia network.

  1.  Extremely Durable.  A child would have try to break the toy, and even then you will likely be  unsuccessful.   Many parent and teachers wash their LEGOs  periodically and the continue to  look and play as if they are brand new.

  1.  Portable:  LEGO could be put in a box or bag and take from one house, room, or friend to  another.

  1.  Blank Slate or a Kit:  Whether a student wants step by step directions or simply want to  build with a blank slate.

  1.  Grows with you.  A Duplo set piece is compatible with a LEGO city piece. My own children  still have DUPLOs mixed in with his sets for much older children.

  1.  Never goes out of style.  Since LEGO introduction, they have never been a toy that is no  long popular.  

  1.  One generation to the next.  My children have lego pieces from the 70s mixed in with their  sets and their is no compatibility problems.

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