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Language Arts


What is a noun

What is a verb

What is an adjective

What is a pronoun

When to use a period

When to use an exclamation point

When to use question mark

When to use a comma

When to use a hyphen

What is a pronoun

What is a conjunction


What is a couplet

What is a kite poem

What is a cinquain

What is a quatrain

What is a Haiki

What is a Lifelong Poem

What is a Telephone Number Poem

What is a Dictionary Poem

What are Found Poems

What is alliteration

What is terse verse

What is sensory Poetry

What is Phrase Poetry

What is List Poetry

What is Acrostic/Name Poetry

What is Double Acrostic Poetry

What is Concrete Poetry

What is Definition Poetry

What is 5Ws Poetry

What is a limerick

What is freeverse

What is alphabet poetry


Autobiography v. Biography

What is the Fantasy Genre

Plot Line

The 5 types of Conflict

Point of View


Plurals for Words ending in y


A five paragraph essay

What is persuasive writing

What is a narrative

What is expository writing

How to write a friendly Letter

How to write a business Letter

Brainstorming using a KWL chart

Other Skills

ABC or Alphatecial Order Lesson 1



Finding the Mean

Finding the Median

Finding the Mode

Finding the Range

What is a composite number

What is a prime number


How to find the area of a square

How to find the area of a rectangle


Distributive Property

Associative Property

Commutative Property


Bar Graphs

Line Graphs

Pie Graphs/ Circle Graphs

General Math Concepts

Types of Ratios

Long Division with Remainders

Order of Operations

Odd and Even Numbers

Roman Numerals from 1-10


Addition of Mixed Numbers

Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

Fractions in Lowest Terms/Reducing


Addition of Decimals

Subtractions of Decimals

Multiplication of Decimals

Division of Decimals


Converting a Fraction to a percentage

Converting a Percentage to a fraction


Technology Tools


How to create a web browser start page

Libre Office Writer

How to shift from Portrait to Landscape

How to save a file as a PDF

How to wrap text around an image

How find and replace words

Libre Office Impress

How to link to a web page

Library Research

Logical Operators

Web Development

Intro to HTML 5 Part 1

Intro to HTML 5 Part 2

Scratch Programming

Scratch- How to Use Broadcasting

(click here for non-youtube version)

Scratch Hello World (1.4)

Background, sprite and movement (1.4)

Using Costumes

Creating a Scoreboard

Python Programming

Hello World Statement


Ubuntu Linux  Basics

Installing Software in Ubuntu


Interview with Jane Yolen

Interview with Kimberly Willis Holt

Interview with Robert Forbes

Interview with Jean Craighead George

Interview with Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Interview with Kirby Larson

Review Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran



How to make a soroban

Counting to 10 with a soroban

Counting to 20 with a soroban

Counting by 5s to 25 with a soroban

Counting by 5s to 50 with a soroban

Counting by 10 to 100 with a soroban

Addition Basics

Subtraction Basics


Making a hat with 8½ by 11 paper

Making a snowflake with 8½ by 11 paper




How to set up a chess board

Understanding each piece in Chess

Check vs. Checkmate

The roll of coordinates

Computer Chess

Social Studies

Find primary sources on the internet

How to find maps on the internet

Three branches of the U.S. Government

What are the continents

What are the worlds oceans

Most Important Geographic Landforms

Longitude and Latitude

Learning the names of the Great Lakes

What is the Electoral System


Life Science

Parts of a Plant

What makes a plant grow

Endangered vs. Extinction


Planet Order

Refracting and Reflecting Telescope

Physical Science

State of Matter

What is a mixture

What is a solution

Remembering the colors of a Rainbow

What causes a rainbow

Type of Clouds

Earth Science

Type of Rocks

How to create rain

Types of Clouds

What are warm and cold fronts

Physical Education


Rule of the game


Rules of the Game


The basics


The basics