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Technology in the classroom?

Chances are you have (or will have) a computer(s), in your classroom even if you don’t have a working stapler or whole puncher.

Is that computer being utilized to its potential?

Teachtopia has examined "the 9 ways computers are used" .......

1. Teacher organizer (student grades, attendance, filing work samples, portfolios)

2. Whole class content presenter (Powerpoint, slideshow of images, webpages)

3. Document Creator for Teacher (Word, OpenOffice)

4. Document Creator for Student (Word, OpenOffice)

5. Research Tool for Students (online encyclopedias, internet via Google,)

6. Research Tool for Teacher (finding lesson plans, teaching ideas, subject matter content)

7. Student Project Creation (Hyperstudio, Kidpix, Powerpoints, HTML)

8. Teaching Computer Centric Skills (Computer Programming, Webquests, Networking/Hardware)

9. Self Contained Learning Laboratory (Cluefinders, Mavis Beacon, Jumpstart)

A Few Questions to Ponder

Which of the above do you currently use (or plan to use) in the classroom?

What barriers do you have preventing you from using 1-9 above? (hardware, teacher training, classroom management, disinterest)

Here are some answers/solutions to your technology needs:

For Software: There is software that is released by the Open Source Movement that is free of charge such as a Microsoft Office substitute known as Open Office that is available for download at OpenOffice.org

If you are using Windows, I recommend downloading the Google

 Pack which contains almost all the software you will need for your computer including a photo editor, word processor that is compatible with MSWord, and Virus checker.   We provided a banner to the free software below.

For Hardware: Your best bet is www.ebay.com. Just make sure that you bid on complete working computers (that have a network card built in) from sellers with high a rating.   

Integrating Technology Into Your Classroom