Best Computers for Teachers

Teachers more than ever need their own computer so they could work at home, school, and lately teaching remotely via their computer.   So what is the best computer for teachers?  Our experience is that the best all round computer choice with budget in mind is an i5 Pentium based Windows laptop.  (We will have an Apple Computer recommendation later in this writing)  There are i3 Windows based laptops out there, but when working with video (which is common in the distance learning world) an i5 simply runs better with less lag etc.  In terms of brands there are several dependable laptop brands that dominated the Teacher Windows PC market.   Brands like HP, Dell, ACER, and Lenova make up the majority of Windows PCs on the market.  There is no reason to buy a thousand dollar plus  computer.  We reccomend computers that are in the 500 dollar range that work more than fine such as this HP model HP 15-Inch 10th Gen Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB Solid-State Drive, Windows 10 Home (Natural Silver)

If you want to buy an Apple computer and at least be below the thousand dolla mark and have a very capable computer, we recommend the Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage).
For a teacher's computer if you are going to do zoom and our any video creation at all, I  must answer that a Chromebook is not a great option.  Chromebooks simply do not have all the functionality in Zoom and will only run applications that work within the browser.