Jewish American Heritage Month

Teaching Jewish American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month is celebrated each May in the United States.  It is an officially recognized month by the United States government and has received proclamations supporting it from each president since it's founding in 2006.    United States History was built upon the contributions of so many diverse groups of people.  Jewish people have been part of the "American Experience" and have made significant contributions to our way of life.

Topics that could be introduced during Jewish American Heritage Month include:

Ellis Island  Ellis Island was the gateway to America for many who arrived from Europe by boat.  The history of Ellis Island has been preserved as a museum.  

Jewish Labor and Factory Workers  Jews often came to America to avoid persecution and to have a better life for their families only to experience the hardship of working in garment factories with hard working conditions.

Famous Jewish American Scientists and Inventors  
Albert Einstein became a United States Citizen in 1940.

Famous Jewish American Athletes
Jewish people have been contributors to the sports world.  Sandy Koufax was a baseball player. Benny Friedman was a football player. Here is a book about Jews in Sports.

Famous Jewish American Entertainers
The entertainment industry has been fortunate to have the contributions of many Jewish Entertainers.  Famous Jewish entertainers include Bette Midler, Natalie Portman, and Ben Stiller.

Famous Jewish American Writers
Jewish people in the United States have made several major literary contributions.  Famous Jewish American writers include Judy Blume and Shel Silverstein.

More information about Jewish American Heritage Month could be found at Library of Congress and their Jewish American Heritage Month website.