Animal Webcams

This is the world's best directory of animal webcams.

Click on each animal to see a live camera feed of the animal.
(note: you will be leaving the Teachtopia Education Network.  Please view all internet websites with parent/guardian or direct teacher supervision.
*If a webcam is no longer working, please contact us using our contact link below.

Ape Cam (from the San Diego Zoo)
Baboons (from the San Diego Zoo)
Beluga Whales (from the Georgia Aquarium)
California Sea Lions (from the Georgia Aquarium)
Cats and Kittens (from Kitten Rescue animal rescue in Los Angeles)
Elephants (from the Smithsonian Zoo, Washington DC)
Falcons (from UC Berkeley,  Berkeley, California)
Flamingo Cam (from the Houston Zoo)
Giraffe Feeding Station Cam (From the Maryland Zoo)
Hedgehog (and birds from a feeder in Germany)
Hippo Cam (from the San Diego Zoo)
Jellies (Jellyfish from the Georgia Aquarium)
Koalas (from the San Diego Zoo)
Lion Cam (from the Smithsonian Zoo, Washington DC)
Platypus Cam (from the San Diego Zoo)
Polar Bears (from the San Diego Zoo)
Puffins (from the Georgia Aquarium)
River Otters Cam (from the Houston Zoo)
Rhino Cam (from the Houston Zoo)
Sea Lions (from the Bronx Zoo)
Sea Otters (from the Georgia Aquarium)