Best Chromebooks for Students

For students, Chromebooks are often a great choice for a computer.  Chromebooks are also generally less expensive than a windows or macbook.  We recommend getting a chromebook with at least 4gb of ram so it will not run slow while doing web apps.  (the speed of your home and school networks are also a variable).  One great chromebook choice is  the a Samsung 11.6" Chromebook .   The screen is not a touchpad on this model, but in order to do the google suite of app and to run the web browser a touchpad is not needed.  The 
For a teacher's computer if you are going to do zoom and our any video creation at all, I  must answer that a Chromebook is not a great option.  Chromebooks simply do not have all the functionality in Zoom and will only run applications that work within the browser.  
     If you are looking for a more elaborate chromebook with a touch screen then we recommend the Acer Chromebook Spin.  This chromebook has a touchscreen and also folds in both directions.
Please be aware that while chromebooks are very functional there is some specific software that is written only for MAC, Windows, or Linux and or software that might work on chrome but not have all the feature sets.  As mentioned in our writing about Zoom, there is more functionality in Windows/Mac versions of zoom than there is if you use it on a chromebook.