Calistoga Field Trips

What to do and where to go on field trips in Burlington, Vermont

Calistoga Field Trip Guide

Our Calistoga field trip guide was created with parents and teachers in mind. Every Calistoga field trip destination below is not only educational, but also has been time tested as a safe family friendly destination. Each Calistoga field trip below has had the experience of accommodating school groups and families for years. 

Calistoga Museums and Zoos

There are wonderful museums and zoos in the Calistoga area

Calistoga Parks, Gardens, and Nature Experiences

There are several significant gardens including botanical gardens in the Calistoga area. There are also incredible outdoor and nature experiences in Calistoga.

Calistoga Theme Parks Field Trips with Educational Programs

Going to a Calistoga theme park as a field trip is a memorable experience that students will never forget.