College Supply List  (Back to School and General Supply List)

Whether it is for back to school or just making sure that your College Student has adequate supplies for the year, we have come up with a list.  Please check with your school for additional items that may be requested as well as any specifics to the items below.

For Computer technology at home we recommend:
An iPad  such as this under 350 dollar Apple iPad or  a Chromebook such as this Acer Chromebook Spin 11 .

For General School Supplies for Kindergarten we recommend:
24 box of Crayons         Purchase Cheaply Here
Crayola markers           Purchase Cheaply Here
Student Scissors            Purchase Cheaply Here
Glue Sticks                       Purchase Cheaply Here
Ruler                                 Purchase Cheaply Here 
Pencils                              Purchase Cheaply Here
Erasers                              Purchase Cheaply Here
White Paper                     Purchase Cheaply Here