What Robots should you have in your classroom?

There are many great choices of Robots for the classroom.

There are many factors that determine what type of robots to buy for your classroom. 
Factors include: 
-The price of the robots
-Durability of the robots
-Programming interface of the robots
-Support from the robot providers
-Community around the robots

Bee-Bot Robot: This robot is excellent for the primary elementary grades. The benefit of the Bee-Bot is that it does not require an app on your computer or ipad.  Students simply get right to coding with the buttons on the Bee-Bot.

Dash and Dot : At 150 dollars a robot, these robots are very popular in the elementary classroom. They are very durable and available here through Amazon. 
The robots are cute little blue robots on wheels with many sensors and sounds. They are so much fun!

Sphero :  They are about 130 dollars with cheaper and more expensive options.  Sphero makes durable rolling balls that students program.  They are highly responsive balls that are controlled with multiple programming languages.  Students love seeing the ball race around the room, a maze, or down the schools halls. They could be ordered on Amazon here.

Meccano : While it is over 400 dollars, it is a four foot robot, that looks straight out of a movie.  The fun with Meccano sets are in the building.  You could order one on Amazon here.

LEGO SPIKE, Boot, and Mindstorms
LEGO has an array of options for teaching robotics to children. Their boost system is one of the systems that works nicely with a tablet. It is available on Amazon here.

Vex Robotics 
Vex Robotics make an array of robotic kits for students.  The kits range from very inexpensive kits that build a specific model to robot kits that cost thousands of dollars aimed at high school robotics clubs.