How to Make a Rubric

What are rubrics? 

Teachtopia Guide to making A rubric. 

Rubrics are much more than just a grading tool. Rubrics guide and inform students of teacher expectations for an assignment or assessment.

Guidelines for Rubrics:

• Rubrics should be written without jargon. Students should have clear expectations. Not a list of words the need to define.

• Rubrics should try to focus on the clear criteria for each grade rather than what should not be on a paper.  A good rubric would be clear. Example: For a level 3, students must write 300 words or more. A poor rubric would be unclear. Example: For a level 2, student write a minimal amount of words.

• Rubrics are best if shared in advance with students. Students should not be surprised by their grades.

• Many teachers use online rubric maker tools to help them make a rubric.