Learning about Weather 

The science of Weather is a fascinating topic. 

Teaching Weather and Climate to Students

The study of weather and ultimately the climate of an area within our atmosphere is meteorology.
Elementary Level Metereology
In the primary grades students need to be familiar of some core concepts including the definitions of both weather and climate.
weather: the current measurable state of heat or coldness of an area.
climate: the long term measurement of the heat or coldness of an area.
They should also be familiar with both farenheit and celcious as the two ways to measure the temperature.
Students should have practice using a weather chart as well as tracking rain using a rain gauge.
Students should also be familiar with types of clouds and what each cloud means.
The general idea of the water cycle should introduced in the primary grades as well.
As students reach the upper grades, they should be able to identify additonal types of clouds, further interpret weather data, and be aware of the environmental aspects related to weather including such topics as climate change and pollution.

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