The Authoritative Guide to Online Primary Sources

Primary Source Index

Region Specific
United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia
Identity Specific
Black History, Native American History, Women’s History, Asian American History, Jewish American History, Latinx History, LGBTQ+, Deaf History

United States

Docs Teach (National Archive)
Resources for teachers that want to teach with documents (primary sources).

Gilder Lehrman Collection
Free registration for K-12 teachers and K-12 students.

Library of Congress
Digital resources from the world’s largest library.

National Archives
Incredible collection of archives surrounding key topics and moments in U.S. History.  Also presents a significant amount of Presidential History.

Smithsonian Learning Lab
Millions of Smithsonian Resources Indexed.

Yale University
A large collection of United States and global primary sources.

Middle East

The British Library Resources for Middle Eastern Studies 


National Library of China 

Native American History (First Nations, Indigenous People)

Yale University Native American Resources
Assimilation Through Education Primary Source Set from Library of Congress 

Women's History

Middle Tennessee State University, American Women's History: A Research Guide Digital Collections of Primary Sources 

Asian American History

Library of Congress collection on Chinese Exclusion Act

The Chinese American Experience 1857-1892 from Harpers Magazine


Japanese American National Museum Collections Online

Korean American Historical Society

Korean American Heritage Library at USC 

Jewish American History

American Jewish Archives 

Latina, Latino, Latinx, Hispanic American History

Deaf History