Resources for Teaching K-12

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General Resources

Academic Resources that are suitable for more than one subject area.

Math Resources

Math Resources to help math learners from Pre-K to 12.

Social Studies Resources

Resources that help with History, Geography, and Social Studies.

Language Arts Resources

Resources that teach Reading and Writing.

Computer Science and Technology

Resources to help teach computer science and technology.

Science Resources

We have ideas to help you teach Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science.

Language Learning

It is very important to study a language beyond one’s native language.

The Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts are essential to learning.

College Planning Resources

It is never to early to begin college planning. College planning has three core areas to consider. The academic prep, the financial prep, and the emotional readiness for college.

Homeschooling Resources

There is a nationwide community of ideas and support for families that wish to teach at home.

  • Teachtopia’s Home School Resources

Teachtopia School Directory

Our directories of public and private schools in the United States. K-12 Schools

  • Public School K-12 Directory for the United States
  • Private School K-12 Directory for the United States
  • Private Universities in the United States