Starting an Abacus Club

Supplies Needed for an Abacus Club (What you need to create an Abacus Club)

An abacus is an amazing counting tool that literally goes back centuries.  There is evidence that Abacus have been used throughout Europe, The Middle East, and Asia.

What you need to buy for an abacus club:

The most important thing to get for an abacus clubs is is an actual abacus.  Each student should have their own.

Your first choice is whether you going to use a Japanese Soroban or a Chinese Suanpan.   We found a less than twenty dollar  Soroban with Reset Button .  We also found a less than fifteen dollar Chinese Suanpan  Suanpan Chinese Abacus with a Reset Button,

It is also important to know how to use your Soroban or Suanpan Abacus.