Teaching Dance To Elementary Age Children

Teaching Dance to Children 

Dance instruction while often taught by "experts", could also be taught by any general education teacher to enhance the instructional day.  At Teachtopia we strongly believe that Dance is a significant academic subject that adds to the curriculum.

Why should we teach dance?

  • Dance requires significant movement.  A  short period of dance is equal to a good amount of aerobic activity

  • Dance helps students learn the rhythm and patterns of music.

  • Dance allows students to celebrate both their own culture's dances  as well as appreciate  dances of cultures from people around the world.

  • Dance introduces students to different kinds of music. (classical, ballroom, hip hop, jazz, etc..)

  • Dance is a way to "break the ice" with students and connect with them.   Dance provides a period of comic relief.   Even the best dancers forget their moves or routines.   Mistakes are allowed.    No consequences for learning.   Low stakes compared to other subject matters.

  • The majority of the class is starting from the same place.  Something new for many students

  • Whiled dance is not truly a "brain break" in that your brain is very much in use, it is a positive break from other routines.

  • For some students, dance alone, could be a reason to go to school.  

  • Shareable with families. Student's could teacher their parents.   Performances could also be shared with family members for a video keepsake.

  • Student have the ability to be social and interact with others.  Social and Emotional needs met.