What to look for when choosing a college.

A checklist of ideas of what to look for when choosing a college.

The total price cost of attending a school is very important.  The price of college includes (but is not limited too) Tuition, Housing, Transportation (this include travel home if student is not commuting from home), Parking Fees, Non-resident Fees.

Programs (and the availability of them)
It does not matter if a school has the best engineering program in the world, if the chance of getting into it is slim to nothing.  What programs does the school have that you will not only have a strong chance of getting into, but also have a clear path to graduation.

The safety of a college is far more than about reported statistics by the community/school.  Are the dorms a place for substance abuse?  Could you visit housing at night and see the environment?  Are you comfortable walking to the library at night?  What safety protocols seem to be in place?  

Student Life
Are there interesting clubs that represent the interests of the potential student?
Are there ample recreation and fitness and green space in general?

The Larger Community
The campus might be beautiful, but what happens after you leave the school gates.  Is that community filled with resources and opportunities that are of interest to the student?