Why community College is the best choice for students.

Why community college makes sense.

1.  Smaller class sizes
Many major universities have first year course that are lectures halls with  hundreds of students.  This is not the case at community colleges.

2.  More qualified teachers
At a university, you  could be taught by a teachers assistant and not a professor.  

3.  Personal contact with teachers easier to access
When you teacher is a well published celebratory at a large college, you might not get to simply raise your hand or talk to them after class with questions.

4.  Environmental benefits of going to a local school
Students literally taking plane rides multiple times a years is not environmentally friendly.

5.  Cost
Community college often has a very small or in many cases no tuition for students.

6.  Less risk taking to explore new ventures
A community college investment does not involve the same level of costs as moving to a new city, acquiring housing, and committing a year at a larger school.

7.  Vocational emphasis career pathways

8.   Easier transfers

9.   Accessible counselors advisors

10.  Escaping the reality of the modern college experience . Focus on school and learning.
Unfortunately the college experience that everyone talks about also may include behaviors that you may or not want to be around and that do not support learning.

11. Units that transfer
Community Colleges have relationships with state colleges that allow for many if not all units to transfer over to a four year degree.