Teachtopia teaches MATH

Our Guide to using Virtual Math Manipulatives

Whether you are teaching remote, via a projector, or simply want to avoid cleanup of a traditional Math Manipulative, virtual manipulative often are a great resource.  We have done the research to find the best virtual manipulative online.

Virtual Manipulatives from Toytheater 
This sight has a number of great manipulatives that are primarily geared the K-6 Math Learner.

Didax Math Manipulatives
This site is great for a variety of Math manipulatives.  We have also tested several of these manipulatives on an ipad with success.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This is an authoritative  site from Utah State University of math manipulatives for most users it will require the download of Java and enabling it in their web browser.  Therefore,  we placed it at the bottom of the virtual math manipulatives.